Finances. What is the API Vulkan?

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The presence of software on the computer allows you to execute graphical commands in programs and games. Vulkan is an open standard API for next-generation graphics and computing, providing highly efficient cross-platform access to modern GPUs. However, if you have graphics drivers of sufficiently old versions, you will have to download the software separately. You can do this from our website. The program is installed in the normal mode. Vulkan meets the needs of software developers in areas as diverse as game development, mobile application development, and workstation development. The explicit design of the Vulkan API allows it to be effectively implemented on platforms covering a wide range of mobile, embedded, and desktop devices using the Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems. This program is necessary to increase the power and performance of components in games and heavy applications. Vulkan's technology significantly reduces the "unproductive cost of the software interface" — the background work that is performed by the processor to interpret the game's requests to the hardware-providing improved functionality, performance and image quality, as well as the hardware functions of the GPU.