Core Values

  1. Fellowship – Cultivating oneness and togetherness among ourselves in Christ Jesus.
  2. Integrity – We uphold and practice the truth contained in the word of God and believe in imitating Christ in all areas of our lives.
  3. Responsiveness – Ever ready to receive and act on God’s instructions and be of help to one another.
  4. Care and respect – Everybody is somebody. All people are treated equally and are highly esteemed irrespective of their background.
  5. Progressiveness – Glory to glory advancements. We believe in wholesome development physically, economically, socially and spiritually. Luke 2:52
  6. Church Leadership
    • Redeemed Gospel Church Inc. observes and practices episcopal leadership meaning it’s a leadership based on proven God’s calling on one’s life.
    • Leadership term for all leaders other than the pastoral team is two to three years. At the expiry of such a period, a leader can be re-appointed by the pastor or elected by the members